# Streamline ESG transition

Optimizing compliance process with shipment automation, certificate renewal notification, maintenance planning

monitoringfleet.com is a cutting-edge platform catering to shipowners, management companies and charterers. Our goal is to enhance operational efficiencies, digitize processes, and ensure complete transparency for all stakeholders.

Enhance efficiency and respond to the increasingly demanding compliance requirements.

We facilitate seamless connections among shipping companies, ship suppliers, and service providers through an innovative solution that covers the entire marine compliance cycle.

#decarbonization strategy

Streamline Decarbonization Process

Our platform enabling ESG monitoring and reporting, shipping companies can establish a sustainable business ecosystem. This involves identifying crucial elements in the value chain and integrating reliable energy-efficient and decarbonization solutions. This approach helps mitigate risks linked to CO2 taxes and escalating fuel expenses

#Preventing Maintenance

Efficient maintenance planning find actionable insights

Fleet managers and operators access real-time equipment performance monitoring and historical playback. The system enables comparing equipment performance for validation and planning based on data, notifying critical indicators for maintenance.

#Fastest Delivery to the Nearest Lab

Rapid Sample Transit

Our platform manages every aspect of the shipping process, from detecting the nearest certified lab to label generation, tracking, and order status management.

Monitoring Environmental Compliance

Empowering compliance to protect the ocean and facilitate efficient maritime management. Providing customizable real-time data access, reporting, and proactive analysis to anticipate upcoming certification requirements.


Worldwide Service Providers

Choose service providers by considering various factors like location, class approval, and expand your reliable partner network

Let’s automate your compliance workflow!

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